Wednesday, April 12, 2017

The scars that human trafficking leave...

We're so excited, to present the newest addition to our volunteer team, Jane O'Donnell. Jane is a student at Medfield High School, and is a member of our A5 youth ambassador team.  

A5, Amilia's Angels, Ambassadors for Anti-trafficking Awareness recently helped  us host the film, Not My Life, in partnership with UNICEF.  Jane recently sent a letter to the Hometown Weekly (our local Medfield paper) about the film.   Below is more of how she felt, how passionate she has become, about what she learned viewing the movie. 

If you could commit a crime that was financially rewarding and not get caught, would you? This is the decision that human traffickers make at the beginning of their careers. We must raise awareness of the fact that those guilty of human trafficking walk freely every day, while the lives of the men and women that they sell will be forever changed. 

Having basic human rights denied is something that Amilia’s Light is trying to change. By raising awareness about the atrocities of human trafficking and what it means in the lives of those affected by it, Amilia’s Light hopes to help end human trafficking. 

Amilia’s Light hosts events to enlighten people about trafficking, and recently they showed the movie Not My Life at the UCC in Medfield. Not My Life is a collection of stories about people who have been trafficked, both locally and in foreign countries. This film illustrates the horrible realities of life as a someone involved in trafficking. 

One story was about a girl named Grace, a victim of human trafficking. One of the other girls who was in the same location as Grace tried to escape. When she did, she was caught and Grace’s captor forced Grace to beat the girl to death. 

The scars that human trafficking can leave on an individual are unimaginable. Human trafficking is an undeniable reality of life, but that can change. As human beings, we have the ability to change the things that are fundamentally wrong in this world. 

So, wondering what to do? You can help. Get involved with an organization like Amilia's Light. Do some research, and help educate others. Together we can change trafficking. 

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