Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Happy Birthday, My Dear Sweet Amilia

Dear Sweet Amilia,

Today would be your 18th birthday.  While you were only with us five short years, your shining light lives on in the legacy created in your name.

Eighteen years later, new life begins again.

This month, thanks to generous donors and volunteers, ten young women, whose lives have been brightened, are getting ready to give birth to a new enterprise.  The Empowerment Program preparations are in full swing; the girls have attended a business training workshop, they are learning computer, bookkeeping, inventory and sales skills. Boutique items are being purchased and inventoried, handmade items are being crafted, the salon is being set up, and there have even been a handful of haircuts given.

Teddy, whose future was bleak, just six months ago, is now being trained to give haircuts, and will be able to afford stable and safe housing for her and baby Michelle. 

And just like when you were born, names are being considered. Names which will reflect the hope and joy your legacy is giving these girls, whose lives might have otherwise been kept in darkness. 

Though you’re not here with me, I know you are among us.  You are with these young girls, and you are with your friends from pre-school, and the seniors at Medfield High,  who are starting the A5 club, to bring awareness to the blight that trafficking leaves here on earth. 

 I know you are with our family and our friends, and that if we remember to keep our eyes open, we’ll hear your voice, and recognize the rainbows and hearts you point out to us, as reminders to
illuminate our world. 

Love, Mama

Michelle Luhrmann,  Founder, President....Amilia's Light