Friday, April 28, 2017

It brought tears to my eyes... human trafficking, it's incomprehensible

Natalie Alford, an A5 Ambassador, is our latest blog contributor.  Natalie, a 9th-grade student at Medfield High School, was so disturbed about what she learned watching the film, Not My Life, that she wanted to "do something". 

A5 realizes, they can't change the world or eradicate human injustice, but they can take steps toward empowering survivors of human trafficking. They can be advocates against modern day slavery, by speaking out, changing the conversation about what the human race deems as acceptable.  

Many people don't have a choice. Their lives are taken from them and they don't have the ability to fight. Women and men sold for the purpose of making money. They lose their pronouns as he or she and they become a thing to be used.

Working to help these individuals is the mission of Amilia's Light.  Part of their work is to spread the word about human trafficking and show the meaning behind human trafficking.

We help people by showing these films, doing fundraisers and a lot of other every important work. It's not easy to take in the information, but very reassuring to know we are doing something to help.

The nonprofit recently hosted the showing of the film, Not My Life, which highlighted stories of people affected by human trafficking. One story was about small children that were trafficked. It brought tears to my eyes and a sick feeling in my stomach. Using children, some as young as four years old, for these acts is so incomprehensible, it’s hard to wrap my head around it.

Another story portrayed how traffickers don't really get caught. There are so many traffickers out there exploiting people, and they don't get caught or arrested. This infuriated me, personally. As a child, many of us were taught that if you do something wrong, there is going to be a consequence. This seldom occurs with human traffickers.

Sitting there watching the film with the rest of the audience, I observed people wanting to help and stop it all right now, but it seems so overwhelming. We can't end all the troubles and make all the pain go away, but we can start by learning about human trafficking and figuring how we can help.

My experience after joining and being a part of A5 has been amazing. From watching the movie to working with people in group meetings and meeting a survivor and hearing her story, I’ve realized that it's amazing what we can do. We show the hard stuff to people in the hope that it will raise awareness about the need to stand up and do something about this issue.

You have to be a strong person to be part of this mission, and we truly are.

Help out, say something, and make sure you keep your eyes open. 

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