Friday, October 23, 2015

Step Up, Step Out and Do Something

 You have to open a door, in order to

Step up,  Step out and 'Do Something'

Recently, I attended a leadership workshop and someone asked me, “How do you start a nonprofit?”  I looked at her with a blank face and replied, “Honestly, I have NO idea."

I then began to explain the back story - how it began with an outpouring of compassion and love from my community and grew into something so much greater.

Admittedly, there are times that I feel way over my head when I think, How can I possibly lead this organization?  How can I provide hope for these girls?   I have no experience in running a business, let alone nonprofits or human trafficking.

Two days later - God answered my questions and I was reminded that I’m not doing this alone.  Quoting Rick Yancy, my pastor at UCC Medfield, Phil Bauman, said, 

“God doesn’t call the equipped, he equips the called.” 

Let me tell you, I slept a whole lot better that night…  

Really, at this point, I should not be losing sleep; after all, I’ve felt God step in my whole life with the next best situation and opportunity, most often in the form of just the right person to answer my question, calm my fears, hold my hand, or dry a tear.

While presenting our story at the Holistic Center last week,  I explained that each step along the way, God knocked; I simply chose to answer the door.  I was open to listening to the Divine, sought wise counsel, and then I just did what I was called to do. 

Amilia’s Light was and is the next best opportunity for me to explore. God spoke to me in that still small voice about honoring Amilia, this child of light, for the tenth anniversary of her passing.  He provided an outpouring of help from my friends that gave birth to our vision:

A world where all women are safe, valued, loved, educated and have opportunity

Two years later, a mission trip, a garden party, $10,138 raised, 501(c) 3 tax exempt approval, a celebration, a fully operational nonprofit, a second mission trip and garden party and now a working plan to empower young women in Uganda so close to being realized.   Should I be surprised?   No.  How can I be?   I just smile, shake my head, and think – Rick Yancy was right…

What are you being called to do?

( We hope it’s to )

But if there is another knock that you need to answer, 
another call, 
then by all means, please open that door and  

Do Something!   Step Up…  Step Out… Illuminate Our World  

Michelle Mannarino Luhrmann
Founder and President, Amilia’s Light

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