Friday, May 15, 2015

Patient Persistence

How do you write about persistence?  I decided to start by opening up my Thesaurus.  (Yes , a good old dog-eared version from college) and it gives these words;


(I thought that was a verb relating to chickens)

Sometimes the word has a negative connotation.  I’m pretty sure the term "dogged persistence" has been used to describe me a time or two.  When I get an idea and if it’s surrounded by that “knowing” in my heart, I can be kind of like a dog with a bone -not willing to give it up.  It’s entirely possible I've even “growled.”

Often we associate it with stamina, and physical fitness.  Jodi, our Social Media Warrior loves to run, but was forced to embrace persistent patience for over 9 months, following foot surgery before she could run again. Her persistence has paid off – and she ran a Ragnar Relay and raised over $2000 toward the Empowerment Project!

And then there is the steady, quiet, day in day out, patient persistence it takes to overcome trauma. Esther, is doing just that.   

Esther’s father died of HIV/AIDS when she was seven.  Her mother struggled to find enough money for food, shelter and medication for the family. Esther began to work as a waitress and fell victim to trafficking.

Fortunately, Esther was blessed to receive help from HALO Foundation and Miriam/Destiny Women and began to turn her life around.   Esther’s persistent personality paid off.  She was able to overcome her trauma, finish her senior four and go on to achieve a certificate in guidance and counseling.

Her mother sold their property so that Esther could achieve her diploma (associate's degree) in Counseling and Social Work. She plans to continue in school to earn a college degree in this field and continue to help others overcome their own traumas and become  self – reliant.

During this time, Esther has begun to pay it forward. She is a driving force in mobilizing Destiny Girls to attend monthly support meetings, and is already acting as a mentor to younger girls.  This group is committed to changing their lives through faith, education, meaningful work and savings.  Together they have created a group savings program that they call RESTORED. 

Esther is a shining example, of patient persistence. The Empowerment Project will provide Esther with a place to radiate her light by using her skills, and education.

I like the idea of patient persistence.   I plan to meditate on this concept and to let Esther know, she is radiating her light on me as well. 

Michelle Mannarino Luhrmann,
Founder, Amilia's Light 

#Illuminateourworld, #empower, #shine

Destiny Women Empowerment Project
(in partnership with Amilia's Light) 

If you would like to help Esther and other young women who are persistently carving out new lives filled with faith, sisterhood and rewarding work, please click here.